Pep Talks Podcast

I’m Just A Gigolo With Steven Lolli

On this episode, Steven Lolli of Peptalks W/ Eddie Pepitone comes on to talk about one of the few books he’s ever read, Catcher in the Rye.

Nobody ate sushi in Florida in the 90’s, behind the scenes podcast goss, “that” kind of student. What’s the point of lusting after someone if you don’t whack off to them, unrequited love, peeing often, fashion giraffes, 11 hours in a Taco Bell, fashion giraffes. Liars and why they lie. When your ex apologizes to you and you don’t care anymore.  All slurs are offensive to someone. Having sex w/ people you don’t want to. Trying to get love from someone who can’t love you. Getting sexually aroused by shitty people.

Rebecca doesn’t always give the facial expression men want. Steven tells the listeners to kill themselves.

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